PII 3rd plenary meeting Oulu Finland 16th to 18th December

The next PII plenary meeting will take place in Oulu , Finland organised by Oulu Innovation and Octopus Network.
The main objectives of this meetin are to
• to progress the work in the running work packages, especially WP2, WP3, WP4, and two tasks in WP1
• to prepare for the project technical assessment (review) scheduled for January 2009
• to finalise the first demonstration, potentially have it working during the meeting.
This an important meeting in the run up to the review and TSSG will attend and actively partake in the technical discussions in both Wp2 and Wp3, where they have been visibly active to date.
The social event is an excursion to santa in lapland , so I am sure all will definitely be looking forward to that .