WP2 architectural meeting berlin/WP3 architectural meeting Paris

The PANLAB II – 2nd Architectural Workshop in Berlin took place on 10th November in T-Systems. This very important meeting was a follow up to the inital architectural meeting with its aim to consolidate the PII architecture and definition of the entities required for 3rd party testsites and clusters. It was a productive meeting with all wp2 partners participating.
This intensive architectural meeting then continued in Paris , with various aspects of PII WP3 up for discussion on the agenda. Here the meeting was hosted at Orange Labs premises on the 11th and 12th of november. The main outcome of this meeting was to prioritise and clarify exact details for development of the teagle tool having researched the current state of art technologies that could be used in the development phase. This meeting was very important in progressing the definition of the teagle tool in the PII project to the next level of specification and initial development.