PII 3rd plenary meeting Oulu Finland 16th to 18th December

The next PII plenary meeting will take place in Oulu , Finland organised by Oulu Innovation and Octopus Network.
The main objectives of this meetin are to
• to progress the work in the running work packages, especially WP2, WP3, WP4, and two tasks in WP1
• to prepare for the project technical assessment (review) scheduled for January 2009
• to finalise the first demonstration, potentially have it working during the meeting.
This an important meeting in the run up to the review and TSSG will attend and actively partake in the technical discussions in both Wp2 and Wp3, where they have been visibly active to date.
The social event is an excursion to santa in lapland , so I am sure all will definitely be looking forward to that .

WP2 architectural meeting berlin/WP3 architectural meeting Paris

The PANLAB II – 2nd Architectural Workshop in Berlin took place on 10th November in T-Systems. This very important meeting was a follow up to the inital architectural meeting with its aim to consolidate the PII architecture and definition of the entities required for 3rd party testsites and clusters. It was a productive meeting with all wp2 partners participating.
This intensive architectural meeting then continued in Paris , with various aspects of PII WP3 up for discussion on the agenda. Here the meeting was hosted at Orange Labs premises on the 11th and 12th of november. The main outcome of this meeting was to prioritise and clarify exact details for development of the teagle tool having researched the current state of art technologies that could be used in the development phase. This meeting was very important in progressing the definition of the teagle tool in the PII project to the next level of specification and initial development.

D3.1 System Analysis Report

This deliverable (D3.1 System Analysis Report) is the first to be produced from the Service Description, Discovery and Orchestration work package of PII.
The project Pan European Laboratory Infrastructure Implementation (PII) addresses the need for large-scale testing facilities in the communications area by implementing an infrastructure for federating testbeds among innovations clusters. It builds upon the Panlab Specific Support Action which received funding by the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme. This document analyses the existing testbeds hosted by PII partner organizations. These testbeds are the foundation of the PII federation and represent the available infrastructure.

PII 2nd Plenary Meeting : Update

Both Eamonn and Shane attended the PII 2nd plenary meeting in
Athens – 29 September -1 October 2008
This meeting helped progress and further refine the required TEAGLE tool and PII infrastructure that will support the federation of testbeds in Europe.
This meeting took place over a 3 day period with parallel sessions taking place to maximise the time as best as possible. It was a successful meeting which actively worked towards progressing the tasks and activities within panlabs II and keeping the project aligned with the overall PII roadmap schedule for the coming months.

PII 2nd Plenary Meeting

Panlbs II second plenary meeting is scheduled to take place in Athens, 29th September to 1st October.This project meeting will be hosted and organised by BlueChip Technologies.
Both Eamonn and Shane will attend and represent TSSG at this meeting. This is an important meeting where the aim is to further refine the PII architecture to a point where related development work can begin in ernest.

TSSG Partake in FIRE Strategy Workshop Paris

The FIRE – Future Internet Research and Experimentation Initiative expert group kicked off their 3rd strategy workshop in Paris, France. This event was organised and promoted by the Dimes association within the Fireworks Project (http://www.ict-fireworks.eu) and co-organised by the Directorate General for Information Society and Media of the European Commission, with the workshop aiming to effectively identify a clear roadmap to be used as input to future EU framework programmes for ICT. This high profile event gathered approximately 60 highly-noted experts from both the industry and academia European circles.
TSSG, Waterford Institute Of Technology representative Mr Miguel Ponce De Leon was invited as one of the main key note speakers, providing an informative and detailed presentation on Resource Description: The cornerstone of federation. Miguel represented both the PanlabsII and Perimeter FP7 projects, which TSSG-WIT are actively participating in.
“The FIRE strategy workshop was a very successful event that focused in on the future challenges ahead within the experimental testing facilities area on a European level, with the outcome working towards the harmonisation of a process for the European testbed field” sayes Miguel.
Throughout this FIRE 3 day event parallel discussions were ongoing for the duration of the meeting, with detailed and in-depth discussions around many topics related to this area such as monitoring and virtualisation challenges and requirements for the European experimental facilities.
This workshop was deemed without doubt a successful and beneficial event, that TSSG-WIT were honoured to be part of and they look forward to future similar brainstorming events that push the boundaries of research and innovation in the experimental testing facilities and Future Internet fields.

PII Architectural Workshop in Berlin

A successful panlabs II architectural workshop meeting was held in Berlin on September 3rd and 4th hosted by Deutsche Telekom AG, Laboratories.
With the aim of this workshop to provide a forum for discussion around the architectural aspects of the Panlabs II project, it proved to be a very beneficial
meeting, working towards defining most aspects of the architecture required and
detailing a roadmap for the future success of the project.
Mr Eamonn Power attended on behalf of TSSG-Waterford Institute Of technology,
being highly involved in the development stage as acting Task 3.2 leader.

FIREweek in September in Paris

The Future Internet Research and Experimentation Initiative (of which PII is part) is having its launch event with co-located other workshops on10 – 12 September 2008, Paris, France.
The event is organized by the project FIREworks (www.ict-fireworks.eu) and will take in Paris during the French EU Presidency.
Details of the event and the agenda can be found at the following link