PII at TEMU 2010

PII was well represented at the TEMU 2010 www.temu.gr conference held in Chania-Crete this year on July 14-16th. PII presented a number of papers and held a workshop at the event.
The TSSG presented a paper entitled “Architecture & Implementation of a Testbeds Repository” written by Eamonn Power, Zohra Boudjemil and Shane Fox.
The paper describes the repository software architecture and discusses the information
model and derived data model. It also describes how these were implemented at a functional level.

PII Training Seminar

The first PII cluster training seminar was hosted by Telefonica I+D in Barcelona on 1st July 2010. This event is the first of many training seminars on PII aimed at educating potential customers on the benefits provided by PII for both testbed providers and users, how to use the testbed service offered and how to join the federation. The event was very successful and received positive feedback from the attendees.
The training slides are available at http://www.panlab.net/events/training-barcelona-2010/agenda.html

PII 2nd Year Review

The second year PII review took place in Barcelona on 29th June 2010 coinciding with the Fireweek 2010 event. After a long day of demonstrations and discussions the EU reviewers gave very positive feedback regarding the progression of the project and the work done to-date.